a room of one's own|media

video presented at the exhibition
Experiment 2b, Secession, Vienna
video documentation
about the public discussion and the concert of the band Le Tigre (New York) 2002 in Vienna
bibliography, radio features (selection)
Grzonka Patricia, Profil Nr 18, Apr. 2001, S. 189
Das Experiment, ein Zwischenresümee
Buchart Dieter, Kunstforum International 08 / 2001, S.486
a room of one's own
Ö1 Kulturjournal, 9.2.2002
a room of one's own
FM4 Homebase, 9.2.2002
a room of one's own
Scheyerer Nicole, Falter, 03 / 2002 [german]
Do you play guitar? [german]
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Reichlich Potenzial [german]
Rauterberg Hanno, DIE ZEIT, 09/ 2004

Gewickelter Feminismus [german]
DIE WELT, Welt am Sonntag, 8.2.2004