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Experiment 2b
Feministische Forderungen sind tragbar


Tanya Bednar, Carola Dertnig, Petja Dimitrova, Anita Fricek, Kristina Haider, Juma Hauser, Lisa Holzer, Katharina Lampert, Ursula Mayer, Sascha Regina Reichstein, Patricia Reschenbach, Nina Stuhldreher, Katrin Tag, Sofie Thorsen

The platform >a room of one's own< presents the results of current research. Questions of gender identity and influences and the relevance of feminist concerns in the worlds of everyday life and work are addressed in conversations with artists and theorists. Which strategies exist for arranging social processes according to the necessities that women claim?
A precondition for intervening in social contexts is a permanent self-positioning. In this way, the exchange of experiences among women becomes a catalyst for delineating crucial objectives and differences, which can ultimately create an awareness for possibilities for political agency as well.

In their presentation in the Grafisches Kabinett, >a room of one's own< reflects on communicative processes, provides insights in conversations, interviews and narratives, and conveys statements to the exhibition audience in a condensed form. An audio installation enables visitors to extensively explore the interview material. Skirts especially produced for the exhibition, which may be purchased by exhibition visitors, are printed with questions and statements taken from the discussions. Because of their simple rectangular cut, the skirts can be easily transformed into banners with political messages. A demonstration video playfully explains the practice of wearing skirts and using banners.

Over the course of its history, the skirt has been an article of clothing for both women and men. Accordingly, it is used in this exhibition as a metaphor for gender bending. Starting from an expanded concept of space, wearing skirts/carrying banners takes the statements and demands out of an art context into the surroundings of everyday life. Feminism is not a separate discourse, but has significance for the whole of society. Feministische Forderungen sind tragbar! (feminist demands are fitting)

Experiment 2b
Grafisches Kabinett

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