>a room of one’s own< is a forum of young women artists for discussing, investigating and expanding contemporary feminist
discourses and practices

The motivation to initiate the forum was a result of the recognition that feminist practices have not yet reached the point that radical theories bring into focus.

We are nowhere near being able to rest on the "warmed cushion" that our mothers and grandmothers fought to give us.

The contexts occupied through feminist struggles must be repeatedly redefined and worked over. For this reason, it is necessary to pick up at the point, where the generations before us stopped and to continue working with the feminist history that exists so far.

Particularly in the fine arts in Austria, women artists are under-represented, both historically and in the present.
Whereas many different positions are able to exist alongside one another among male colleagues, who are thus almost 
automatically provided with the whole package, i.e. a professorship, aretrospective in the museum and a place in history, it is evident that young contemporary female artists usually persevere in subculture or emerge with a brief success, only to vanish again.

With the exception of the ONE woman per generation - this ONE woman then has the multi-disciplinary function of covering every section of art and representing a balanced relationship to the outside. The women artists of the same generation have already disappeared again and the next generation can barely remember their predecessors, let alone discover their traces in archives and libraries.

For this reason, this forum was initiated, in order to create an open field, in which a discourse can be established for actively processing feminist issues with processual strategies and thus positing new actions.
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